änti-söcial müsic
dons heavy-metal umlauts

Folks, the next Anti-Social Music hit is nigh...

Since we've been invited to open up for The Gang Font -- a band that features Greg Norton of Hüsker Dü -- we knew we couldn't show up all wimpy 'n' stuff. So we dug through our closets, our punk and heavy metal pasts, and scrounged up as many spare umlauts as we could muster. Mosh and headbang with us at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar on Sunday 22 April, doors at 7:30, we're on at 8. Skeletonbreath at 9, The Gang Font w/Interloper at 10. Subtract eight bucks. Gnarly.

Featuring the nimble fingers and lips of Hubert Chen, Jeff Hudgins, Andrea La Rose, Dan Lasaga, Pat Muchmore and Maria Sonevytsky

And your old and new favorites by Pat Muchmore (Babel, SFCB), Peter Hess (Voiceprint VI), Andrea La Rose (Concerto for Anybody), John Wriggle (Hundred Grand), and Dan Lasaga (Appleplexi of the Hunger).

This show is made possible by support from the great folks at Meet the Composer/JPMorganChase Fund for Small Ensembles and NYSCA. Thanks guys!

Also: join us on 12 May for a visit to a bucolic wonderland.


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