Anti-Social Music... Drinks Alone

"You know, I like Anti-Social Music, and all, but... it's just that, well, sometimes it's just too much, too overwhelming. And it's not them - it's me. There is just so much out there that I don't know - and so much about ASM that is - I don't know - like they're always keeping me at a distance. I know that they love me, but there are so many of them. When there's like, the guy with the mohawk sawing away at his cello, and the funny-looking chick with glasses thinkin' she's Dizzy Gillespie or something with her cheeks all puffed out (I mean, really...), the spazz jumping around squealing on the clarinet, the wheezing accordion, and the Asian dude with the Mets cap (I mean, really...).... you know, it's just too much. I can't take it all in, it's too loud, too much going on, too much eye candy. If they would just go one at a time I feel like I might be able to understand them - to be with them... You know, take turns or something? Like, don't all jump in the sandbox at once, man. I need my space, dude."

Featuring music composed and performed by Andrea La Rose, Pat Muchmore, Dan Lasaga and Bradley Kemp

As Part of Armory Arts Week and The Space: "LIC My Initiative"
4pm - 2am, The Space Annex at Meat Locker
Refreshments served. DJ's to follow.

Directions: (E, V, 7 & G Subways):
46-01 5th Street, Long Island City 11101

 7  : to Vernon-Jackson station. Walk north on Vernon Blvd. to 46th Ave. Go west (left) to 5th Street.

 E   V  or  G  to 23rd-Ely Avenue. Exit at rear, coming up at 21st and 44th Drive.
Walk west on 44th Drive to Vernon Blvd and turn south to 46th Ave.
Turn right and walk one block to 5th Street.

 N  or  W  to Queensboro Plaza or  R  to Queens Plaza. Walk toward Citigroup Tower / big blue building.
Take 44th Drive west to the East River. At Vernon, go south to 46th Ave. and then west to 5th Street.

Past Performances: