What's that Lassie?

Anti-Social Music needs to be at Raw Space (543 W. 42nd St.) by Saturday, August 24th at 8pm to play in the AugustArt Festival? They're doing a full 90-minute set of ASM favorites including John Wriggle's Dead Cat Bounce, Peter Hess' Trios I-III, Dan Lasaga's Parizade & the Singing Tree, Franz Nicolay's ...some time later...?

I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. Louder, girl! They're even doing Pat Muchmore's String Quartet No. 2, never before heard in an ASM concert? Those poor children!

Come again? Ken has already given up on this earthly life and is gnawing on Jean's elbow in a fit of despondent nihilistic hysteria? Well, we better hurry then! Go tell Grandpa to bring the winch around and lower them some hardtack.

AugustArt info: 212-643-6399; www.augustart.com

For more information, e-mail info@antisocialmusic.org.

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