Elvis Tribute to
End All Elvis Tributes

Anti-Social Music, New York's best punk-chamber orchestra/ composer consortium pairs up with Opera on Tap, New York's best and favorite divebar opera company for an Elvis tribute to end all Elvis tributes. With special guest Anna Copa Cabanna filling out the evening with some hot groovy dance numbers!

OOT and ASM take a contemporary classically-influenced look at the lives and works of Elvis Presley replete with opera singers, impersonators, costumes, re-orchestrations, and peanut butter sandwiches.

Monday, August 16th
at City Winery, 8pm

155 Varick Street (between Spring and Vandam Streets)
New York, NY 10013

directions: 1 to Houston Street or C/E to Spring St.

So who are these people?

All the fun without the pretension. No-one in the group is simply a chamber-music lifer or a downtown-jazz snob or a punk-rocker dabbling in the "legit music" world. ASM concerts have featured members of Gutbucket, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Balkan Beat Box, the Hissyfits, Songs:Ohia, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the bands of Jenny Toomey, Elliot Sharp, Jabbo Ware, and Akiko Pavolka; the New Jersey Philharmonic, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, New York City Opera, and so on and so on. You get my point. Basic New York scene eclectics, but with more bravado.

In 2005 we created OPERA ON TAP as a performance outlet for our friends and ourselves. We wanted an opera "gig" in the vein of the New York rock or jazz gig. Freddy's Bar and Backroom provided us with the opportunity. It was an affordable way to have fun together and work on our music at the same time... Guess what else happened... We discovered a new audience starved for intense, acoustic, musical experiences! At Opera on Tap performers are allowed to let their hair down, wear jeans, drink beer and try out new repertoire FOR AN AUDIENCE!

There is no pressure for perfection. Opera on Tap gives the artists an opportunity to communicate the joy and exuberance they feel in the music by getting away from the stuffy atmosphere of the concert hall or educational institution. Providing the artist and the audience with "room to breathe" draws in new listeners who respond to the honesty and energy of the performances. Many people who come to Opera on Tap are people who have never set foot in an opera house. The response? Overwhelming. We pack the house every time and have a growing list of regulars.

Anna Copa Cabanna is an Australian showgirl icon who has performed her choreography, played her xylophone and rollerskated in venues around the world. The Anna Copa Cabanna Show (Joe's Pub), her multi-disciplinary homage to television specials of the 1970's, has captured the imagination of punk royalty, celebrities, various magazines, blogs and many a teenage boy. Anna's primary goal is transporting the audience to a world of glamour, humour, overly earnest but beautiful dancing, and classic rock and roll! The truth- in a sequin leotard. An established singer-songwriter in New York City, she reflects on everyday issues with her lil xylophone, voracious voice and fabulous imagination. Anna is equally known as the official go go dancer of the New York rock and roll underground.

That's who.

duo-elvis ootasm snapshot

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