Don't you just hate that obnoxious little Darwin?

Friends -

Don't you just hate that obnoxious little Darwin, with his beady eyes, and that scraggly beard with bits of food stuck in it, and his "Ooo, you used to be a monkey"? So do we. Join us for a protest against the legacy of this pseudo-scientific charlatan right in the belly of the beast, Galapagos.

Oh yeah, there'll be music by Anti-Social Music too:

Saturday, Oct. 19th @ Galapagos; 8pm.
70 North 6th Street bet. Kent and Wythe in Brooklyn (L train to Bedford)
$6.99. You won't find a cheaper night of new music.

With Bryce Dessner's Sap Dream Electric Guitar Quartet (music of Beefheart, Cage, Licht, and more).

Stepping up to the plate:

Bill Brittelle: Seven Songs of Zen Love and Longing (Two new ones, as sung by Franz Nicolay!)
Peter Hess: Sax Quartets
Dan Lasaga: Octet (ASM premiere)
Pat Muchmore: Fracture II
Franz Nicolay: ...some time later, when the smoke had cleared...
John Wriggle: A Hundred Grand A Year

Viva Lamarck!

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