ASM Family Reunion in DC, Saturday August 28, 8 PM

Flashpoint 916 G Street, NW (Metro to Gallery Place)

We know it's hard when families live apart - daughters growing up without mothers, sons without fathers, no real role models, no example of love gone right. We don't want you to feel like that. We've been living a lie lo these many years. Anti-Social Music has a shadow family in D.C. There, we said it. ASM is a polygamous American. And we want you to be together - like a real, weird family - New York and Washington, Mama Jean and Papa Bob Massey in the spirit of his Punk Not Rock Salons featuring their bastard cousins ASM.

So, we'll be piling in the old station wagon and playing at the American Composers Forum (DC chapter) New Music Salon on Saturday, August 28. It's at 8pm, $10, at Flashpoint 916 G Street, NW (Metro to Gallery Place). Potato salad and awkward conversation to follow.

The Program:
Peter Hess - Salt or Hail
Pat Muchmore - brokenAphorisms_12-14 (World Premiere!)
Pat Muchmore - PortRait of the ArTist,**NYC2001
Franz Nicolay - Anti-Social Wedding Music
John Wriggle - Dead Cat Bounce Suite [for Paul Chuffo]
John Wriggle - Material Breach

Try not to hit on your hot cousin.


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