ASM Goes
(for) Broke!


The Pig n Whistle
165 W 47th St.
New York, NY 10036
Thursday, 25 June at 7:30pm
Price: $9.99 (cheap!)
Virtually any subway to Times Square will get you there

Hey! You know how you're always wearing your nice clothes at work for all the boring people you don't care about, and then are too tired to wear anything other than sweatpants and an old college t-shirt around your loved ones? Yeah, we wouldn't know anything about that since the new economy started erasing our jobs and our clothing budgets. Still, on Thursday 25 June at 7:30, why not come straight from work to the ol' Pig n Whistle bar near Times Square and show off the fancy duds to your cool avant-garde friends at an Anti-Social Music show? We promise to be impressed! Then we'll try our damndest to charm those swell pants right off you with dulcet squealings from the likes of Bradley Kemp, Dan Lasaga, Pat Muchmore, Andrea la Rose, and Kamala Sankaram.

A recession is nothing new for ASM. We've been at it for the past 10 years, and frankly we're sick of the rest of the world copying our style! Come out and learn from the original as we shed our recession skins and start the next trend: Going completely broke. Most importantly, this is probably your last chance to see the inestimable Andrea La Rose playing with us before she jets off to a fabulous life of international intrigue in Germany. Miss it, and you'll regret it forever.

Anti-Social Music

P.S. Don't forget the money!

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