We'll Show YOU!!

On Sunday, the 28th of September, we're going to show all you naysayers out there. Oh we've heard you talking about us, when you thought we couldn't hear. "ASM are just a bunch of talentless hacks," "ASM couldn't play their way out of a wet paper bag," and, most commonly of all, "ASM sucks." No we don't. And we're gonna prove it.

On that date, we and a complete crapload of our trumpet-playing friends are putting on a show. And with all those brass, nickel and wood instruments being performed with wild abandon, we wouldn't be surprised if a cyclone of crushing harmony and beer fumes develops. Even the most spiteful among you will have to admit: "Anti-Social Music Blows."

This show will be one of the last in this year's sure-to-be-fantastic FONT Festival of New Trumpet Music (http://fontmusic.org), and will feature all-new pieces by Andrea La Rose, Pat Muchmore, and ASM newcomers Kamala Sankaram and Bradley Kemp. Just in case all that new hurts you, we'll also have a few old classics by Charles Waters, Peter Hess and Dan Lasaga. Featuring trumpet players Geoff Chirgwin, Jon Malko, Jaimie Branch, Jacob Wick, Nate Wooley and Tim Byrnes, as well as non-trumpet players Argeo Ascani, Chris Bacas, John Altieri, Drew Fleming, Russ Kaplan, Josh Sinton, and ASM stalwarts Pat, Wriggle, Brad, Kamala, Durst, and Andrea La Rose.

Anti-Social Music Blows
Sunday 28 September 2008 at 2pm
St Marks Church
131 E 10th at 2nd Ave
NYC 10003
4/5/6 to astor place
4/5/6/N/R/W/Q/L to union square
L to 3rd or 1st Ave

ASM Blows postcard

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