Anti-Social Music fights Evil, Wears Snug Tights

New Music with Moxie!
@ the 4th Semi-Annual Premieres Extravaganza


Saturday, February 22nd, 8pm
Greenwich House
46 Barrow St. @ 7th Ave. (ACEFV to West 4th, 1/9 to Christopher St.)
As always, a mere $9.99
(917) 543-0947

In these troubled times, when even the coffee shops ask for a resume, the people - well, at least the small and not particularly vocal demographic of punk rockers who went to orchestra camp - cried out for a champion - and were not disappointed, for here, resplendent in tight knit trousers and capes of primary but not overly flamboyant colors, are the Boy and Girl Wonders of Anti-Social Music!

"Gee whiz!" Pat said. "How will we ever raise the money to keep nasty Mr. Bloomberg from buying the old concert hall?" "And confiscating Peter's cigarettes?" quipped Hubert. "I've got an idea!" Franz chimed in. "Let's put on a show!"

And so, from the white-washed halls of Greenwich House in the West Village, they shall. The show will feature brand-new works from all your ASM favorites:

Peter Hess: Kilter

Dan Lasaga: Trails of the Forlorn Dawn Donkey

Pat Muchmore: PortRait_2,**NYC2k2

Franz Nicolay: Mi vida entera

Franz Nicolay: Anti-Social Wedding Music

Ken Thomson: Don't Stop

John Wriggle: Material Breach

and presenting, for the first time with ASM, the works of:

Andrea LaRose: Sax Quartet

Eric Shanfield: Flux in a Box & Happy Little Trees: Two Musical Mechanisms from 'Piranesi's Orange'

With the considerable assistance of:

Alexis Bainbridge - Tim Byrnes - Hubert Chen - Paul Chuffo - Jean Cook - Leanne Darling - Andrew Eisenberg - Jeff Hudgins - Dan Neustadt - Susan Oetgen - Evan Rapport - Eric Rockwin - Francisco Roldan - Philippa Thompson

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