"CLOUD BRIDGE" is a new work by composer/artist Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) performed by Anti-social Music.

Schedule of Events

FRIDAY October 14, 8:30pm
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (4454 Woodward Avenue)

SATURDAY October 15, 7-9pm
PJ's Lager House (1254 Michigan Avenue)

SUNDAY October 16, 7am
Rooftop & Sunrise Garden (2000 Brooklyn Street)

CLOUD BRIDGE explores the uneasy co-mingling of nature, performance, werewolves, over-amplified sound, meditation, painkillers, spray paint, and buddhist scriptural names for commonplace things like "eight petalled lotus" (for the flatlands), "vessels of ambrosia" (for lakes seen from mountaintops), and "spirals of joy" (the sky seen from between two rocks).

CLOUD BRIDGE suggests a world where every stone is sacred, every river has a long winding spiritual history, every tag is a holy name spoken only with hushed reverence, every tree in the forest that cannot be cut down for it was once blessed by a great teacher, every traffic light is the brightest shade of green, every candle is lavender, every cricket's chirp is a lesson to be contemplated, every mysterious sound at night is a mythic half-man/half-beast howling in the distance, and every whisper is a prayer.


1 "He who does not howl does not play with the wolf" - Warren Defever

2 CLOUD BRIDGE is named for a train trestle overpass in Southwest Detroit once a popular graffiti target now painted sky blue with simple white clouds as a part of a neighborhood beautification project.

3 ASM is NY-based composer/performer non-profit collective (501c3) formed by musicians dedicated to supporting and connecting the worlds of composed contemporary classical/jazz and the rock/punk/indie scenes. ASM performs, promotes, produces, presents and records new music projects in and around New York City in unconventional venues such as rock clubs, galleries and rooftops, and usually for audiences that do not regularly attend new music concerts. Since 2001, ASM has supported the creation and world premiere presentation of over 150 brand new chamber works by more than 30 emerging composers.

4 Funded in part through Meet The Composer's MetLife Creative Connections program.

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Leadership support for Meet The Composer's MetLife Creative Connections program is generously provided by MetLife Foundation. Additional support is provided by The Amphion Foundation, Argosy Foundation Contemporary Music Fund, BMI Foundation, Inc., Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc., The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, Jerome Foundation, mediaThe foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council on the Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Virgil Thomson Foundation, Ltd.

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