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The folks at Anti-Social Music are sick and tired of playing the fool. That's right, our wild days are over. And no more of that peace, love, and happiness crap we were into this time last year. It's all about tradition, formality, proper behavior, and capitalism from now on. You'll see. We've booked our flagship PREMIERES show at the posh and exclusive Yippie Museum Café -- be sure to wear evening gowns and tuxes (no cross dressing, you punks!). We've prepared only the finest in new Classical music that duly pays homage to the masters of our art.


Anti-Social Music presents:
The pre-ASM presents the Pat Muchmore show

Saturday, November 10th at 8pm
Yippie Museum Café
9 Bleecker St, near Bowery in Manhattan
Price? $9.99

BDFV to Broadway/Lafayette
6 to Bleecker

Brand spanking new works composed by David Durst, Al Giusto, Pat Muchmore, Jonathan Vincent, Charles Waters, and John Wriggle

Featuring the peerless talents of:

John Altieri, Hubert Chen, Josh Camp, Leanne Darling, Al Giusto, Russ Kaplan, Andrea LaRose, Pat Muchmore, Eric Rockwin, Kamala Sankaram,Maria Sonevytsky, Andie Springer, Charles Waters, Peter Wise, and John Wriggle

Art by Scrapworm

Truly, the fact that we're playing a trio sonata by anyone should be enough proof that we are to be taken very, very seriously. So, stick your noses high in the air and come quaff coffee avec nous. Pip pip!


This show is made possible by support from the great folks at Meet the Composer/JPMorganChase Fund for Small Ensembles, NYSCA, and public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

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Past Performances: