Gin and Tonic? Try ASM and Tonic!


Anti-Social Music is putting on a show of exceptionally bad jokes just like this one, plus some music if we get around to it, at the one and only Tonic (that we're aware of).

Sunday July 11 @ Tonic (107 Norfolk)
Anti-Social Music
Andrew Spencer
Kristin Mueller
8pm, $8

I mean, seriously, it's probably enough to get you to come when we say that singer/songwriters Kristin Mueller and Andrew Spencer are featured that night. But in case it isn't, howzabout some ASMers joining Andrew Spencer on his set? No? How about a full set of ASM classics including Dead Cat Bounce by John Wriggle, Trails of the Forlorn Dawn Donkey by Dan Lasaga, Anti-Social Wedding Music by Franz Nicolay, and PortRait_2,**NYC2k2 by Pat Muchmore?

You haven't already booked it into your calendar? What the hell? You guys are really busting our balls here...

OK, OK, we'll throw in Andrea LaRose's take out. It's never been on an ASM concert before. And if you call within the next 10 minutes I'll even add the rarely heard Pat Muchmore piece, Gumpdrops and Kittens, previously only played at heavy metal and punk shows.

That's right Alex! You get the Andrew Spencer and Kristin Mueller sets, ASM guest appearances, ASM classics, and two new pieces you very likely have never heard before! All for the low, low price of $8. Act now, supply is limited, void where prohibited, VISA and MasterCard accepted, se habla espanol. Guaranteed! (except for the VISA and MasterCard part)

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