Nono Muchmore Warp(ed)

When you're growing up, people tease you. They make rhymes out of your name, calling you things like "Fat-Fat" when your name is Pat, and "GOObert" when your name is Hubert. Imagine what it's like if your name is already "amusing." Childhood is so cruel.

Well, ushering in this season's theme of "VENGEANCE is spelled 'e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e'" is a program of "composers with amusing names," courtesy of the New Spectrum Foundation and curator Glenn Cornett. Of the three featured composers is our very own Pat Muchmore.

Pat's two pieces are both premieres, starring ASMers past and present: Pat Muchmore, Jean Cook, Hubert Chen, and Ken Thomson (ASM emeritus, Gutbucket, Slow/Fast, Asphalt Orchestra). Pat kicks off the program with a piece that metaphorically explores the spaces where classical and quantum mechanics intersect.

Tickets may still be available at the door!

James Chapel, Union Theological Seminary
(enter via door on Broadway at 121st Street)
Broadway at 121st Street
New York, NY

This concert is presented by the New Spectrum Foundation. ASM does not find Pat any more, or even much more, amusing than normal. So say we all.

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