Anti-Social Music Purls Two!

We've never been much for the "knit" part of knitting, but boy do we love purling. There's just something about moving from right to left that appeals to us. When reading, you must read left to right. When looking both ways before crossing the street, you must look left to right. When growing older, you must go from liberal to conservative, and then you just knit your life away.

"Knit one, purl two," our ASS! "Purl three, purl three," is the only way for us. But, being as there's no place in NYC called The Purling Factory, here we are. Or rather, there we will be, when we wow the Knitting Factory audience on the Old Office floor on January 19th. That's right; for our first show of the new year we're playing a set alongside Endi, The Big Stir, and Rickshaw Mama. The show starts at 8 and we're up second-to-last.

Expect some of your old favorites, like Peter Hess' Salt or Hail and Pat Muchmore's PortRait of the ArTist. Expect the usual gang of miscreants and ne'er-do-wells. But most importantly, expect constant right-to-left movements.

Unless we're too drunk to remember.

Oh, and speaking of remembering, please do remember our medium-time debut at Merkin Hall on February 23rd!

Anti-Social Music Purls Two!
January 19th, 2005
Knitting Factory Old Office

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