ASM Sleeps Around II:

His Name is ASM!


La Tea at the Clemente Soto Velez Center
107 Suffolk Street (@ Rivington)
FJMZ to Delancey Street
8:00 in the PM
Only $9.99 (cheap!)

Relive the magic of ASM Sleeps Around this September: You remember the bone-rattling, gut-throbbing, unholy noise that was the first installment of the five-part trilogy that is ASM Sleeps Around, right? This time you can leave your earplugs at home, my friends. Warn Defever, better known as His Name Is Alive, has brought us sweet, sweet music hiding in tiny boxes. Cue the trailer...

...thus did Jean appear to the punk chamber group, saying, "Fear not! I bring you glad tidings of joy, yo. Warn Defever shall bring forth a piece and you shall play it and play it well, and you shall call it After Devil's Night, for it is written in memory of the Burning Cars of Detroit."

And Franz thusly spake, "Crikey! We're not even married! What will people say?!"

To which Patrick Thomas Thomas More Muchmore duly replied, "We shall wrap this babe in swaddling pieces by Andrea La Rose, Peter Hess, and Patrick Castillo (oh my!) and no one can say nothing about nothing."

And punk chamber group known as Anti-Social Music or ASM breathed a collective sigh and prepared for the exodus to the lower east side...

Coming to La Tea/Clemente Soto Velez Center this September 17, 2005! Based in part on a true story.

This show has been supported in part by the grand and generous folks at NYSCA. Three cheers for NYSCA!

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