Saturday, August 14, 2004, 8 p.m.
Tonic (107 Norfolk,


I know, I know, we get all high-and-mighty about young, unrecognized composers and the academic-industrial complex that keeps them down, and in general damn-the-man and all that. So why spend months learning the obscure tuning system of an elderly and reasonably well-known New England Conservatory professor to play one show at a nightclub and call it a day?

Three reasons: one, cynically, we think you, the press, will find it interesting and be more likely to write about us, the low-profile new-music group. Two, fatalistically, we, the youngish composers, will someday be old and need youngish groups to play our music, so best get on the good side of karma. And three, primarily, because a surprising number of our compatriots (including Judith Berkson, Al Giusto, and Jeff Hudgins) are devoted ex-students of Joe's and care a lot about getting his music heard. And after presenting Giusto's astonishing Werckmeister string quartet The Deadly Rhythms as well as his microtonal solo dobro works, we're on a bit of a odd-tuning kick. So here we are.

ASM'S JOE MANERI PROJECT features unknown chamber works written by Joe Maneri from 1971 - present. Most are in Joe's trademark 72 tone tuning system.

The program will include:
- Ephphatha (1971), for tuba, trombone, clarinet and piano.
- Holy Land Part 1: Cain and Abel (1980), for two soprano saxophones and microtonal chorus.
- Violin Piece for Gunther Schuller (1982), for solo violin
- Feast of St Luke (1984), quarter tone piano piece for one player and two pianos.
- Sharafuddin Yah Yah Maneri Makdum Um Mulk (1993), for solo flute or cello
- Kotlyn (2000), for tenor saxophone and voice
- Solo Viola Piece (no title yet) (2004)

Performers include: Steven Beck (piano), Judith Berkson (voice), Meredith Borden (voice), Caleb Burhans (voice, violin), Phillip Cheah (voice), Hubert Chen (voice), Martha Cluver (voice), Jean Cook (voice), Jacob Garchik (trombone), Peter Hess (reeds), Timothy Hill (voice), Jeff Hudgins (reeds), Andrea La Rose (flute), Pat Muchmore (cello), Bruce Rameker (voice), Reut Regev (trombone), Martha Sullivan (voice), Ken Thomson (reeds), Karen Waltuch (viola), George Wright (voice)

JOE MANERI TRIO is Joe Maneri (reeds), Mat Maneri (viola), Randy Peterson (drums). Please visit for more info.

Joe Maneri is available for any interviews and will be in NYC from August 12 for rehearsals. Please contact and visit for ASM press materials.

Past Performances: