Anti-Social Music's The 11-Tet Project and Darcy James Argue's Secret Society presents

Anti-Social Music Takes it to 11!

Quartet? Pshaw!

Quintet? More like CRAP-tet.

Oh sure, sextet sounds like something awesome, but it's ultimately deeply disappointing.

We'll even admit that Shostakovich, Mendelssohn, et al had something with the octet, but how much better are we? THREE BETTER.

That's right, it's been 11 years, and like a sexy phoenix rising from the burning embers of lesser x-tets, Anti-Social Music presents the triumphant return of the 11tet. It's on Friday, March 9 2011–oops we mean 2012–at Galapagos at 7 in the PM. We'll be resurrecting tons of classic 11tet material by John Wriggle and premiering three brand new tunes by Kamala Sankaram, Dan Lasaga, Pat Muchmore and Jeff Hudgins. After us, we're extremely psyched to see Darcy James Argue perform with a certain Society we're not allowed to tell you about, and we heard they're planning on jamming even more players onto the stage.

That's right it's an old-fashioned 'tet-off. A real barn-burner to be sure.

If we can find a large enough rehearsal space, expect to see the considerable talents of:

  • Reeds: Jeff Hudgins, Evan Rapport, Chris Bacas, Josh Sinton
  • Violin: Jean Cook
  • Cello: Pat Muchmore
  • French Horn: Nathan Koci
  • Trombone: John Wriggle
  • Vibraphone: Tyler Blanton
  • Tuba: John Altieri
  • Drums: David Brown

Featuring special guests: Katie Scheele (oboe), Natacha Diels (alto flute) and Gil Selinger (cello)!

Anti-Social Music Takes it to 11
WHEN: Friday, March 9th, 7PM
WHERE: Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

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On Darcy,

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