On Willful Obscurantism in
William Brittelle's
Mohair Time Warp

A Three-part essay by Pat Muchmore, M.M., ABD

The upcoming world-premiere of William Brittelle's Mohair Time Warp by Anti-Social Music this June 8th at Galapagos gives rise to an occasion to discuss this work in some detail. Lyrics such as “I hate sea bass,” “cucumber salad” and “it's the powaballad” evince a feeling of objectless reference, while the scattershot shifts of genre belie a careful attention to orchestrational craft. Audiences around the world will find something to appreciate. The following three-part essay explores this work in some depth.

Part The First: In which the author's predilection for Mohair Time Warp by William Brittelle is expressed...

Mohair Time Warp by William Brittelle is awesome.

Part the Second: In which the author further expounds on the excellence of Mohair Time Warp...

I mean seriously, seriously awesome.

Part the Third: In which the reader is invited to experience the beauty of William Brittelle's work firsthand...

See Anti-Social Music and William Brittelle perform this piece at Galapagos on June 8th. The performance will begin at 7PM.

New Amsterdam Records Presents: William Brittelle's Mohair Time Warp
Full World Premiere // A live lip-synched full-length art-music concept album
Featuring Anti-Social Music
Also Performing:
Andrew McKenna Lee and special guests
Friday June 8th, Doors at 7pm
Galapagos, 70 North 6th Street
between Kent and Wythe



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Past Performances: