Dec. 2nd


Oh it's time. And you'd better believe the octopus is ready.

ASM presents The Climax of the Octopus
Saturday, Dec. 2nd - 8PM
Issue Project Room
400 Carroll St., Brooklyn
$9.99, various alchoholic substances will be available

OK, so we don't completely remember where the inside joke that gave rise to our next Premieres Show title came from. It seems Pat made some sort of pretentious reference to the climactic scene of a novel by Frank Norris at one of our meetings. Why? No one knows. Perhaps simply for his own self-aggrandizing amusement.

Luckily, that scene, with a few slight alterations, describes our big December 2nd show at the Issue Project Room to a T:

Reason [will flee]. Deafened with the roar of the [music], blinded and made dumb with its [notes], [you'll throw your]self forward with clutching fingers, rolling upon [your] back, and lay there, moving feebly, [your] head rolling from side to side. The [Music], leaping continuously from the [instruments], [will] pour around [you]. It [will fill] the pockets of [your] coat, it [will creep] up the sleeves and trouser legs, it [will cover your] great, protuberant stomach, [as] it r[uns] at last in rivulets into [your] distended, gasping mouth... [Anti-Social Music seriously rocks.]

Oh yeah, and there'll be BOOZE!

featuring music by:
William Brittelle, David Durst, Joe Exley, Rima Fand, Andrea La Rose, Dan Lasaga, Pat Muchmore, Barry Seroff, Charles Waters, and John Wriggle

Brooklyn-bound F/G trains to Carroll St.
(2.5 blocks from stop (between Bond & Nevins)

15 minutes from 2nd Ave. F stop
10 minutes from Metropolitan Ave. G stop

Brooklyn-bound R trains to Union St.
Walk 3 blocks west; left onto Nevins; right onto Carroll

Pat Muchmore, Barry Seroff, Ian Moss, Eric Rockwin, Evan Rapport, Jean Cook, Hubert Chen, Joe Exley, Jeff Hudgins, Charlie Schmid, Ken Thomson, Andrea La Rose, John Wriggle, Charles Waters, Rima Fand, Dan Lasaga, William Brittelle, David Durst, Maria Sonevytsky, John Altieri, Nate Wooley, and Nicole Federici.

See you there!

P.S. Sorry about the crack about your protuberant stomach, we didn't mean it.

Climax of the octopus poster

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