If you would like to donate to or volunteer for ASM, let us know. Contact antisocialmusic@gmail.com.

Of course, an excellent way to get involved is to come and see us whenever we perform. Why not get on our mailing list?

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We get it.

We started this whole thing because we were a handful of young composers sending scores into the black, thankless void of competitions, open calls, grant applications...the Kinko's fees add up and the postage is crushing, and for what? A one-line rejection, if that. So we got together and started performing and recording our own damn pieces.

And so we want to do for others, as well. We want to meet new people. We want to hear what's not being played, because it's too weird, because you don't have a track record, because you don't know the right people, because it's scrawled in crayon since you can't afford Sibelius.

If we dig it, we'll play it. Several times, even. And it's gotta gotta gotta be a world-premiere. We do two shows of premieres every year, so we'll get to it. And then we'll keep it in rotation for our repertory shows. We pay - not much, but not nothing either.

So! What do we need from you? What are our...[fanfare]...


INSTRUMENTATION: We don't have a core ensemble, per se. Our writ as an organization is that if the composer want something specific, we'll find a way to provide it. HOWEVER, that said, we have certain instrumentations that are markedly easier for us to provide than others; and if you write for some combination of the following, it's easier for us to produce and certainly more likely to stay in rotation: sax(cl), vc(trb), vln, acc, pno, trb, fl, gtr, Sop.

MATERIALS: Please note: ASM now accepts electronic submissions ONLY. No more packages! It's cheaper for you, and we move around too much. So please email us at antisocialmusic@gmail.com with the following:

  1. The score(s) you'd like us to consider, as a PDF.
  2. One or two recordings (and scores) of previous stuff you've done. Streaming links are fine. If you send us your website, MySpace/Bandcamp address, or other link, please recommend what we should listen to.
  3. Tell us the last good book, article, porn mag, etc. you read and what was so great about it.
  4. One of the following: a haiku about why you compose, a drawing or picture about why you compose, a short mix tape/CD of your influences, or a brief letter of recommendation from a non-musical family member or friend that talks about your non-composing interests and strengths as a person.

We promise to listen to and look at everything we get. We do not promise to be entirely sober when we do so. And we'll let you know even if we're not going to play it. And we look forward to meeting you!

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